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第一部分 听力(共两节,满分 30 分)



1. What is the man doing now?

A. Watching TV.

B. Playing a game.

C. Preparing for an exam.

2. Why hasn’t Adam come yet?

A. He was absorbed in his work.

B. He quarreled with the woman.

C. He wasn’t informed of the meeting time.

3. Where does the conversation take place?

A. At the man’s house.

B. At a bank.

C. At a university.

4. How many students are there in the speakers’ class?

A.18. B. 21. C. 20.

5. What are the speakers talking about?

A. A workmate.

B. A classmate.

C. A neighbor.

第二节 (共15小题;每小题1.5分,满分22.5分)



6. What is beside the computer center?

A. The sports center.

B. The classroom building.

C. The library.

7. Where will the speakers go next?

A. To the library.

B. To the sports center.

C. To the computer center.


8. Why doesn’t the man want to watch the World Cup Final?

A. He isn’t good at football.

B. He won’t have time.

C. His TV doesn’t work.

9. What does the woman like?

A. Football.

B. Golf.

C. Horse riding.


10. Why is the man unwilling to go to Florida?

A. It’s too boring.

B. It’s too expensive.

C. It’s too crowded.

11. What did the speakers do last year?

A. They traveled around Sky Balley Resort.

B. They attended a New Year’s Eve party.

C. They went skiing.

12. How does the woman feel in the end?

A. Annoyed.

B. Pleased.

C. Excited.


13. What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

A. Neighbors.

B. Workmates.

C. Husband and wife.

14. What is the purpose of the woman’s visit to the man?

A. To borrow his telephone.

B. To get information about a theft.

C. To ask him to call the police.

15. What happened last night?

A. The woman’s house was broken into.

B. The window of the woman’s house was smashed.

C. The woman’s car was broken into.

16. What did the woman do last night?

A. She worked late.

B. She bought a CD player.

C. She went to a party.


17. What is the speaker mainly talking about?

A. Doxey’s theory.

B. Benefits of tourism.

C. The key to happiness.

18. How do people in the host area treat the tourists at the first stage?

A. They hate tourists.

B. They are curious about tourists.

C. They ignore tourists.

19. At which stage are people in the host area less interested in the tourists?

A. The second stage.

B. The third stage.

C. The fourth stage.

20. What does the government do at the fourth stage?

A. They protect the host area.

B. They set more restrictions.

C. They provide public services.


01-05 CABBA;

06-10 CBACB;

11-15 CAABC;

16-20 CABAC;



W: John, why don’t you watch NBA games on TV?

M: Oh, I’m studying for a Chinese test tomorrow.


M: Where is Adam? He was supposed to meet us here half an hour ago, but he hasn’t come yet.

W: I’ve just phoned and we’ve had a quarrel. He was busy with the contract and didn’t notice the time.


M: May I help you?

W: Yes, I’d like to apply for a loan. We need the loan to build an addition to our house.

M: All right. I’ll give you an application form. You can fill it out here, or take it home if you like.


M: Hello, Kate. Do you know how many students will go to the mountain?

W: Our monitor said that the whole class will go except Tom. He has something urgent to do. That is, 20 students.

M: Oh, 18 students have been there by now.


W: Chris, did you know about Gemma Hudson? Have you heard that she’s leaving?

M: Really? How do you know that?

W: She told me. She’s leaving next month.

M: Actually, I’m not surprised. I didn’t think she was very happy working here.


W: What is the tall building over there?

M: It’s the library, which houses over half a million books. It also has computer labs and quiet study spaces.

W: And the building next to it?

M: That’s the computer center. The IT facilities are really advanced there. Some of its classrooms are open 24 hours a day.

W: Is there a sports center on campus?

M: Of course. The sport facilities are excellent. A stadium is on the northeast side of the campus. A 50-metre swimming pool is just beside it. There is a football match this afternoon. Let’s go there and have a look.


W: So, do you like watching the World Cup?

M: Um, no. I can’t stand it.

W: Mmm, I hate it too. But I want to watch the World Cup Final this weekend. But our TV won’t work.

M: I can’t play, that’s my problem. If I’m not very good at a sport, I don’t like watching it.

W: So, what do you like, then? M: I play golf.

W: Oh, right. My husband plays too. I’m not interested in it, though. I go horse riding.

M: I’d love to have a go at riding if I have time. I bet it’s good fun.


M: So, Sally, we should probably start thinking about our winter vacation plans.

W: Yeah, I think we should fly down to Florida for a couple of weeks.

M: Uh, I’d really prefer not to. Those holiday travel packages cost way too much.

W: Well, how about skiing up at Sky Valley Resort for a week or so?

M: I’d rather not. We did it last year. Remember?

W: And we had a really good time. Do you have any suggestions?

M: Umm… you know, I never have any good ideas.

W: OK. Here’s something different. How about going to the New Year’s Eve party in New York City? We’ve always wanted to do that.

M: But I don’t really like big parties. They’re always crowded.

W: You’re driving me crazy, Tom! All right. Let’s just stay home for two weeks!

M: No way! That sounds too boring! Can’t you think of anything else?


W: Andy, are you busy at the moment?

M: Oh, hi. Well, actually I’m expecting an important call from the office any minute but go ahead.

W: I’m sorry, but it’s really important. It’s about the car. It was broken into last night…

M: Oh, no! W: I want to know if you saw or heard anything.

M: Did I see anything? Where?

W: In the road. Did you see anybody looking suspicious?

M: No, I don’t think I looked out of the window.

W: Can you remember if you heard anything? They can’t have done it completely silently. I came back late from a party and I parked it at about 11:30, and then I had a shower and went to bed.

M: No, I’m sorry. What have they taken?

W: Well, this morning I found the driver’s window smashed. There’s glass everywhere, and the CD player has gone.

M: How annoying! Is anything else missing?

W: Well, it could have been worse. Luckily, there wasn’t much in the car anyway.


In today’s lecture we’ll begin with Doxey’s model for the socio-cultural impact of tourism. He identifies four stages.

He identifies the first stage as happiness. Because initially the tourists are regarded as a new and

interesting thing.

As tourist development begins to increase, some sections of the local population become involved with tourists while others don’t, and it is increasingly the case that commercial rather than social factors are influencing relationships between tourists and the host community. People are less interested in the tourists for their own sake. This is identified as the second stage by Doxey.

If development continues to increase, the hosts get annoyed with the tourists, and this is the third stage.

Well, development of the tourist area may start to get out of control, which is going to make life difficult for local people. So the policy makers, the government, the local authorities, and so on, provide more roads, more car parks and so on to try to help cope with the coming of tourists. But the lives of the local people are made increasingly difficult and in the final stage of the model, the hosts show unkindness to the tourists.

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